Plant for the production of cement or heatless modular mixtures, ideal for the preparation of cement conglomerates, lean concretes and mortars, widely employed for the construction and maintenance of roads or airports.


  • From 50 to 200 cubic meters of stock with production from 100 to 400 ton/h
  • Generation of intense turbulence concentrated in the area of ​​overlap via the counter-rotation of the two bladed mixers
  • vertical and horizontal blade movements create a fine disintegration of the aggregates

MC series concrete mixers:

  • They ensure high hourly production and low energy consumption
  • With proportional distribution of water by means of injection nozzles and a modular electronic dosing system
  • Mixing blades made of thermoset steel
  • Interchangeable coating bath in stainless steel or, optionally, thermoset steel tiles


  • Extreme precision of the weight the aggregates extracted at volume (1% accuracy) by means of electronic final aggregates weighing system managed by dedicated software
  • Extreme precision of the assay (1% accuracy) of cement or binders with weight management of products managed by dedicated software
  • Extreme precision of the dosing (1% accuracy) of water in the mixtures by means of electronic dosing system, in which the management of the moisture is coordinated by a dedicated software and digital sensors for microwave measurement of water 
  • Supervision software that ensures maximum accuracy of dosing, optimizes delivery management and controls transport logistics, in addition to ensuring greater consistency and performance of the blends produced


  • Maximum production: 100/400 tons/h
  • Voltage: 400/50 V/Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 60/120 kW/h
  • Hoppers for aggregates: from 2 to 8 compartments