Wireless system for efficient and safe transmission of data during the mixing, transporting, and unloading of the concrete product and/or delivery to the customer.


Allows you to:

  • Recognize the vehicle load at the concrete mixing plant
  • Detect the speed of the rotating barrel and determine its suitability
  • Save a backup of the date, time, type of concrete, load amount, and packing number
  • Register via the Slump Test various arrivals in the pipeline and measure their performance
  • Record the first amount of water added and track subsequent amounts
  • Record the amount of water in the drums of vehicles returning to the plant
  • Record and time vehicles
  • Record consumption of diesel (optional) fuel, tracing any loss or theft thereof
  • Wirelessly download into a database all data collected when a vehicle returns to the plant
  • Store data in the database using a special software (program compatible with Windows)
  • Individually print all documents related to completed deliveries