Compact, flexible, expandable automation system.

This device boasts great performance: from the management of a simple system to a DRY/WET loading point, and even control from a single computer with 4 or more load points, operating from a single location.

The system also provides operation and remote assistance.


  • Management from an industrial PC suitable for harsh environments (dust, humidity, ...)
  • Industrial PLC with CANBUS protocol Remotely controllable modules
  • Electronics expandable for all sizes of facility management
  • Unlimited INPUT/OUTPUT number
  • Simultaneous management of 4 monitors
  • Simultaneous control of multiple mixers
  • Machine completely manageable and assisted remotely
  • Customizable DDT guide per standard EN206
  • Unlimited management of Mix Designs
  • Integrated microwave moisture detection probe
  • Sensor management of level and presence of integrated materials
  • Machine completely guided and assisted remotely, allows control of level sensors and detection of integrated materials, control of probes for detecting moisture connected to an integrated microwave tool.
  • Technology with BetonRTX integrated system management and satellite management of vehicles (Altai system)


Can be integrated with BetonLITE application:

  • Evolved management tool for production loads and deliveries, allows daily insertion of orders in the spreadsheet and simple and straightforward planning of deliveries in progress and for the future

Integratable with Multiplan application:

  • Complete monitoring module for batching plants in production
  • Facilitates real time control and interaction with customer service, yard direction, and management of orders and deliveries in progress for every single plant
  • Immediate and advantageous screening of the resources available to the company


  • Formula managementClassification of substances and mixturesControl and compilation of DDT/administrative documents models 
  • Accompaniment
  • Dosing report
  • Chart production