Treatment plant and system for cement wastewater clarification without the use of chemical additives. Eliminates the use of black water in concrete products, allowing stabilization of a/c relationships and optimization of the performance of the blends, in a simple and economical way. Through the process of solid-liquid separation, this system allows to drainage of sludge and the waste water produced during cleaning of concrete mixers and/or pumps used in plants for the production of concrete.

Waterwin filter press also helps greatly reduce water use and dramatically lowers power consumption, thanks to a mixing system and optimization of the treated water.

The product obtained after the dehydration process is made from noble parts that can be used to replace part of the aggregate in structural concrete. Composition: 20% share for aggregate 80% hydrated cement.

Possibility of CE product branding (UNI EN 12620).


Ready mix product quality:

  • Greater consistency of water/cement ratio
  • Reduction of the standard deviation
  • Best consistency of concrete strengths
  • Lower cement content, at the same strength

Saves up to € 5,000/year on electricity consumption:

  • Reduce energy consumption with dynamic management of the wastewater agitators
  • Reduced volume of wastewater storage

Sustainability and respect for the environment:

  • Reduced consumption of fresh water
  • Reuse of dehydrated material during the production cycle with savings of 5 to 20% of the aggregate in nonstructural concrete
  • Use of recycled materials facilitates the acquisition of credits for energy and environmental assessment protocols



  • 10 plates (size: 800x800)
  • No. 20 polyethylene high slip wheel support plates
  • No. 1 high pressure hydraulic pump (250 bar)
  • No. 1 automatic shaker for separating sludge from the plates
  • No. 1 automatic pipe washing and drainage system 
  • No. 1 hydraulic engine control unit 5.5 Kw
  • Hydraulic control 120 litre
  • Stainless steel machine weight 3600 kg (loaded: 5000 kg)
  • Machine dimensions 4880 x1200
  • Filtration media: 7500/9000 l/h
  • Electrical Consumption: 15 kW/h
  • Average fixed residue through a 0.063 mm sieve ; in amounts <0.1%
  • Automatic washing system

Control panel:

  • Fully automated touchscreen panel management
  • Totally pre-wired
  • Version containers in operating mode (plug and play)
  • Electro-pneumatic valves are preinstalled